Farewell Dinner

A very special dinner for jacoba & peter’s closest friends as their 4 year tenure in malaysia ended and they return to holland.
What was meant to be a lovely evening under the stars took a turn turn as weather worsened and we improvised very quickly, turning the appetiser of – lentil rassam – made by the timmerman’s lovely nanny, Saro, into a shooter soup. the other appetisers that were Grilled minced seafood cake marinated in balinese spicy paste , tandoori tiger prawns and crispy vegetarian samosa became instant canapés.

Weather remained poor as tables were moved into the sheltered area where the final courses of salmon confit and pan-seared 5 spice duck were served followed by the dessert tasting plate of Black glutinous rice and infused kaffir lime pannacotta with mango puree and coconut milk Molten chocolate cake.

We also had a special guest who was a vegan who was not left out, with a specific item created for her at each course.
guests finally managed to enjoy the outdoor seating during the coffee, cognac and cigars course…

Table Seating

Salmon Confit



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